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NFS - Network File System

Postby chandranjoy » Wed Sep 01, 2010 8:38 pm

How can I make my NFS client mount a share automatically at the next reboot?

To make these mount points permanent changes perm, edit/etc/fstab and modify the following line to match your configuration.
remoteserver:/export /mnt/remoteserver nfs defaults 0 0

At the next boot the the export from the remote server should be mounted automatically.

Replace the word "default" with any advanced NFS mounting options that may be necessary when mounting the remote server.

How do I specify which version of the NFS protocol to use when mounting ?

You can specify the version of NFS to use at the command line when mounting with the option vers=n Where n is 2,3 or 4.
For example, to mount the NFS shared directory /test from using NFS version 3 you should use the command:
mount -t nfs -o vers=3 /mnt/server1

Not all versions of Red Hat Enterprise Linux support mounting all versions of NFS. See the related FAQ articles for more details.

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