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Xen vs VZ

Postby chandranjoy » Sat Oct 15, 2011 12:52 am

XEN vs VZ(Virtuozzo, OpenVZ)
Generally Xen is much more versatile, when oversold Xen will typically give much better performance as it's memory resources are dedicated vs shared on VZ (OpenVZ/Virtuozzo). Xen usually has better CPU performance under high load as the bare-metal hypervisor will handle all of the scheduling vs the VZ kernel scheduler.

Pro's and Con's of each:

+ Dedicated memory
+ Dedicated swap
+ Better feature set depending on kernel used (VPN/Tunneling/IPv6)
+ Supports Intel VT (Can run Windows guests with appropriate hardware)
+ High CPU performance, virtual SMP supported for guest VMs
+ Supports NetBSD / Solaris in paravirtual (native) guest
+ Guest support for SELinux/MAC frameworks (depending on kernel)

- Requires dedicated RAM for each VM
- More expensive to host
- Requires dedicated hard drive space for each VM
- Lower I/O performance due to paravirtualization
-- Much lower I/O performance in full virtualization (Windows Guests)
- Longer provisioning / setup times due to custom image creation
- More difficult to backup (pretty much requires LVM snapshots for on-demand backup)

+ Very low overhead hosting per VM
+ Allows massive overselling due to shared RAM/Disk space, much cheaper to host / lower prices for the end user
+ Near native performance for high I/O loads (Disk/Net)
+ Much easier to setup/backup

- Starts killing processes when out of RAM (no swap)
- Tends not to allow custom things like VPN/Virutal devices without explicit support from your hosting provider

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