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PostgreSQL Backup Script

Postby chandranjoy » Fri Jun 22, 2012 10:09 am

PostgreSQL backup script:

Code: Select all
# Location to place backups.
#String to append to the name of the backup files
backup_date=`date +%d-%m-%Y`
#Numbers of days you want to keep copie of your databases
databases=`psql -l -t | cut -d'|' -f1 | sed -e 's/ //g' -e '/^$/d'`
for i in $databases; do
  if [ "$i" != "template0" ] && [ "$i" != "template1" ]; then
    echo Dumping $i to $backup_dir$i\_$backup_date
    pg_dump -Fc $i > $backup_dir$i\_$backup_date
find $backup_dir -type f -prune -mtime +$number_of_days -exec rm -f {} \;

This script run under Linux.

This script need to run under the postgres user. The best way to do that is to insert it into crontab :
# su – postgres


(insert the above script)
$chmod 700

$crontab -e

And add a line like this one :
10 0 * * * /var/lib/pgsql/

Reference: ... up-script/ ... g00143.php ... p_on_Linux
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